I focus on the basic shapes first, and I find sharp lines best for this (don’t be afraid to exaggerate), like so:



Hi! Do you have any tips on drawing body figures? Especially the length of the legs? And do you have tips on drawing hands? Thanks!



Only way to learn figures is to look at them and draw them.  I’ve taken figure drawing and anatomy for artist classes in addition to drawing a lot.  Take them if you can!  And I fuck up legs more than anything because I don’t draw them enough.  Easy springboard though is searching for Andrew Loomis books.

Same with hands, though there are some fairly easy to describe formulas for hands so I drew up a couple rq

First of all, for probably 90% of the hand poses you’re gonna draw, think fingers like the petals on a pinwheel.  They all curve the same degree, in relation to the previous.  















I thought about elves and the amount of fel corruption visible in the eyes, so I made a dumb chart. idk if anyone cares buuuuut
1. generic High elf (loser) 
2. I imagine that fel is VERY potent stuff so even a tiny amount  would leave trace amounts, however it would wear off eventually. (I could see players even having a little bit when they run around outland or fighting demons, or making out with a warlock. it would go away in a day)
3. Now this is tricky as the elf would have to be around fel consistently enough to scar, but still so small to barely do anything. Possibly what a child would have (inherited from a parent) or someone that hung around the outskirts of Silvermoon?
4. Someone who never used fel but was surrounded by it. Prolly farstriders or poorer civilians.
5. Average belf who chased an average amount of the green dragon. They would start to show some amounts of sickly baggy eyes, or a tint to the skin.
6. Active fel casters, scars would begin to show and they might even have a darker glow on the whole body. 

Oh I like this.

I don’t play WoW anymore ( and it’s unlikely I will return ) but this is really cool! Ander’s eyes have always been closer to number three, despite me being terrified of his MRP being posted all over a slam tumblr because I’m apparently a bad RPer if I describe elf eyes as anything but “green”. I just can’t see ALL of their eyes being the exact same shade of green. Like, all the fel-touched orcs have different shades of green skin. Why would elf eyes be different ( barring character model restrictions )?

Hahaha I came back after all what. But yeah. I love this chart.

….i feel like this needs to make more rounds.

reblogging this for reference

Don’t like Manga Studio? Get this instead.





I know I’ve been basically acting as a clown with a sign outside the Manga Studio shop, but I do realize that some people are just too used to other programs to change now. And that’s fine, if you actually work better with it. But part of the reason I went over to Manga Studio, when I’ve tried Photoshop, SAI, Gimp, FireAlpaca, Sketchbook Pro, and Corel Painter… is because of the exceptional stabilizers and penstroke guides that let you make distinctive shapes, draw easily in perspective, and make it all look highly organic and professional.

Well… for those of you who want to stick with your other art programs… There is Lazy Nezumi Pro.

I do not use it. But that’s only because I feel that Manga Studio can already do all this stuff. But I am exceedingly impressed with what LNP has created. They’ve created a program that brings stabilizers, perspective guides, pressure sensitivity editing, and much more to programs that don’t normally have them.

I will just let the images speak for themselves:







This is the exact reason I have strayed from Photoshop. Because of the lack of ARTIST tools, and the profound lack of stability.

Well, here it is. They fixed it. And it works with other programs too.

So… yeah. If you aren’t interested in Manga Studio, but you still want to improve your digital penstrokes, definitely check out the demo.

I’ve been using this nearly constantly since I got it.  It’s amazing~


OK I was super skeptical about this since I’m really comfortable going back and forth between SAI and photoshop, but this really is super simple, and the extra tools like the perspective and straight line and all that stuff is SO FREAKING COOL and intuitive.  I’m still going to use SAI for inking and stuff but for painting an backgrounds and all the precision stuff, this thing is really awesome. Try this out!

Hello! How are you? Can you make a simple tutorial of how do you draw scars? Cause the scars on your Lion Tamer drawing are awesome.




(^This one right?)


I should have gone with a darker starting color to get the  look of the Lion tamer scars, but this is the general Idea behind them. Thank you~!




this is going to kill my hand jfc why did i decide this was how I wanted to do the hair wh y 

here is a MUCH HAIR tip that will probably make your life %10 easier!pick any brush u want and freely sketch yo hair

ctrl + click the hair layer to select it

increment by 1 or 2 depending how thick you like your lines

make a new layer under your hair layer

fill with desired color

I’m already almost done lining this hair monster but thank you so much for the tip I’ll use it the next time I draw shiroba!


the struggle is real

Tiniest foot tutorial. Can add toes or just have shoe. Is good. Have day.

What brushes do you use for your line art?



I primarily use these settings for most of my lines / sketching

I also set my eraser with the same settings